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My name is Blake Lein. I am a native of Dallas, Texas, but I am currently serving as a Junior Software Engineer in the Greater Houston Area for Hope Media Group - a Christian non-profit ministry dedicated to loving Jesus, serving others, and spreading Hope. I have been with the ministry almost a year, and my responsibilities center around assisting the Software Engineering team with full-stack development tasks for any and every need the ministry has.

Before entering the exciting world of Software Engineering, I served as a professional Band Director in a couple different Houston-area middle schools. As an educator, I excelled in helping students with no previous experience learn how to play musical instruments. I found great joy in being a part of their musical journey and cognitive development, but after 7 years of teaching, I decided I needed a change.

With a family and a mortgage, going back to school full-time wasn't an option. I began studying Python several times a week after school at my town's local coffee shop. Through practical application-building, I fell in love with computer programming. My musical approach was always like that of an engineer, so I felt right at home and my fascination with programming took off like a rocket. I decided to enroll in a full-stack Web Development Bootcamp with Digital Crafts, and shortly thereafter began working for Hope Media Group.

What I love most about my job is the sense of wonder I wake up with every day. Learning about computers, how they work, and the real-world applications of developing software is like drinking from a fire hose that never runs out of water. I love knowing that my entire career will amount to constantly pursuing to know what cannot be fully known, and I love getting to apply my skills to serving God through a Christian ministry.

I live in the Houston Area with my wife, son, and dog (Cookie). In my spare time, I love meeting new people, spending time with my family, and teaching music lessons to growing musicians.